What is digital marketing?

Digital advertising and marketing is the usage of the internet, web, cellular gadgets, and social media, search engines like Google and yahoo, and different channels to reach the customers. Example of digital marketing channels Organic search (e.g. Google), Paid search (e.g. Bing), Digital Marketing Channels (e.g. Display Ads), Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing (e.g. Share Sales), Social Media Marketing (e.g. YouTube), Online Public Relation (e.g. Press Release) etc.

Comparison of traditional and digital marketing

The fundamental distinction between digital marketing and traditional advertising is the medium via which a viewer encounters an advertising message. While traditional advertising makes use of traditional media like magazines, newspapers, hoarding and TV channels, digital marketing makes use of digital media, equivalent to social media or web sites.

Of course conventional advertising doesn’t imply it’s quaint. Traditional marketing nonetheless performs a vital function in folks’ lives with the ever rising must step out of the digital universe.

The immersive expertise of an impactful TV business and the tactile nature of a duplicate of Rolling Stone journal are as vital right now as they had been 20 years in the past due to their lasting results in your reminiscence. Subconsciously you connect yourself to their model emotionally, that means they’ll keep on the high of your thoughts.

In the identical token, digital advertising is simply as vital as traditional if not much more so. Digital advertising makes use of each contact level of your everyday use of the internet web to reach you.

If you’re Google looking out vacation concepts to your subsequent weekend getaway, the possibilities are that quickly after you will note a tailor-made sponsored advertisement from yatra.com.

Using the internet web for a number of hours every day is a traditional a part of most individuals’ everyday life. Digital advertising simply makes use of this to its benefit by cleverly weaving in advertising communications into each digital channel.

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